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Tim Geiges: Programmer of things :-)

Tim Geiges's Bio:

Tim Geiges is an Actionscript 3 & PHP Developer, Skills include PHP, Javascript, AJAX, Actionscript 3, FLEX, AIR, HTML, SQL(MySQL, Postgresql), Linux/Unix, Apahe, Router Config, SNMP, Shell scripting I'd like to launch a music related social network, that includes server client applications, for streaming content.

Tim Geiges's Experience:

  • PHP Developer at PW

    PHP developer

  • PHP Developer at LoanToolbox Inc

  • Support Supervisor at Cox Communications, Inc. (Prime Cable)

  • Systems Engineer at Cox Communications

  • Support at Skylink

  • Tech Support Supervisor at Earthlink Networks

  • Tech Support Supervisor at Earthlink

  • Manager at Tempo

  • Manager at Pacific Coast One Stop

  • Manager at Tempo Records

  • Sr. Web Developer at 4over Inc.

    Currently I am a PHP/Flex/ActionScript 3 developer.

Tim Geiges's Education:

  • Hartford University

    BA Comp Sci
    Concentration: Computer Science
  • UNLV

    BA Comp Sci
    Concentration: Computer Science

Tim Geiges's Interests & Activities:

I enjoy Goofing around with the kids, playing Bass Guitar, Snow Boarding, and Flying RC Planes.

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